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Symposium in neurotechnologies

The CTRN and Bordeaux NeuroCampus organized a Symposium in Neurotechnologies which took place on 6-7-8 October 2019.

The main objective of this Symposium was to promote the creation of new international collaborations resulting in collaborative and interdisciplinary projects in the field of neurotechnologies.

Successful collaborations have already proved successful between researchers from Bordeaux and Université Laval, particularly in the field of neurophotonics. With this Symposium in Neurotechnologies, we also wish to further enrich these successful networks between researchers from Bordeaux and Laval.
Technological advances in recent years have brought neuroscience into a new era of discovery. The major challenges facing neuroscience scientists encourage the formation of multidisciplinary teams and the union of forces across borders. This initiative is in line with many of the major brain research initiatives that have been created around the world in recent years, many of which focus on the creation of new research tools and technologies. (eg IBS, CBRS, BRAIN, etc.)

We believe that such collaborations will make it possible to increase the competitiveness of the researchers involved in obtaining international research funds and to promote the training of the next generation. It is expected that this Symposium will also be used to develop a joint call for proposals that will be developed following the event.

Finally, it is important to note that the goal of this event is also to go beyond the traditional boundaries of neuroscience and thus to invite researchers outside our usual networks to participate in the event. In this sense, the CTRN wishes to play a unifying role and represent the vital forces in neuro-technologies of Laval University within the organization of this symposium with the University of Bordeaux.