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Become a regular member

How to submit your application

To submit your resume, please send us your updated CV (CIHR, FRQ-S / NT or NSERC) including the list of your publications and an (informal) email of a few sentences indicating your interest in joining the CTRN and how this relates to your research program in neuroscience and / or neurotechnology.

Your application will then be submitted to the Executive Committee for validation.

You can send us your information to


Benefits to being a regular member

To foster interactions and collaborations between researchers, the Center implements various activities to help raise the profile of its members, provide them with networking opportunities, promote joint funding applications, and more. In addition, the CTRN funds student grants, scientific conferences and promotes the development of research in neuroscience and mental health.

Because CTRN funding is proportional to the number of regular members, the size of its network is correlated with the strength it has to achieve its goals. Your membership helps us help you!


Here are some examples of the benefits to being a CTRN member:

► Be part of a recognized group of neuroscientists at the University

► Enroll one of your graduate students in our annual Excellence Scholarship competition 

► Increase your visibility by creating a profile that will be visible on the CTRN web page. This visibility is all the more useful as we use it to promote links with other universities. We also publish on your website your publications and disseminate news about you (newspaper Le Fil, media, etc.)

► Benefit from various CTRN activities such as mentoring, round tables, thematic “journal clubs” as well as training and information activities for your students

► Being able to participate, you and your students, in CTRN Research Day in Neuroscience

► On our mailing list, you will receive various relevant information such as neuroscience conferences offered on our various sites, upcoming scholarships and conferences, important news in the network, etc.

► Ability to get involved in our committees and help us create tailor-made activities for researchers and students in neuroscience at UL

► Participate in the activities of the Quebec chapter of the Society for Neurosciences (SfN)

► Witness the growth of CTRN, which is still young and growing. The benefits to being a member will only increase.