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Benoit Gosselin’s research featured in an article in LeFil


Read a recent article on the work of Benoit Gosselin, of the CERVO Brain Research Centre, whose team has developed small wireless sensors containing accelerometers and gyroscopes to measure the breathing rate very precisely and in a much less invasive manner than traditional methods.  These “intelligent patches” produce reliable data even when the patient is moving, explains professor Gosselin: “This opens up the possibility to use them for application in medicine, but also in sports, says the researcher.  We are now trying to integrate new components on the patches that could measure vital signs, such as heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure.  ”  


Read the full article, in French, in Le Fil: Le timbre de la respiration – Des chercheurs mettent au point un timbre épidermique intelligent pour mesurer la fréquence respiratoire et les quintes de toux