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Charles Morin appointed Officer of the Ordre national du Québec

Congratulations to Charles Morin, who will be appointed an officer of the Ordre national du Québec on June 20.  Premier François Legault is proud to announce that 35 people will be honoured this year with one of the three ranks of the Ordre national du Québec. The recipients will be decorated on Thursday, June 20, at a ceremony in the Legislative Council Chamber of the Parliament Building at 2 p.m.



Read Dr. Morin’s quote:






As early as the second half of the 1980s, Charles Morin became interested in sleep disorders. In 2017, this trained psychologist and experienced researcher was the most cited insomnia specialist in the world, according to Throughout his career, he has maintained remarkable scientific productivity, pursued a constant commitment to the next generation of scientists and sought to popularize new knowledge about sleep. He has written reference works for first-line practitioners. But above all, we owe him the idea of promoting the use of psychotherapies to replace the sleeping pills traditionally used to fight insomnia.





See the announcement on the Quebec Premier’s website (in French):