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Frontiers in Neurophotonics Highlights 2021


Frontiers in Neurophotonics Highlights 2021 is a series of virtual events jointly organized by Université de Bordeaux and Université Laval. The event is three-folded. Firstly, it’s a contest where participants (trainees, research professionals, and coordinators) will make a short video capsule on one of the 4 identified themes in Neurophotonics (1 theme per week). Each video capsule of approx. 10 mins will present one advanced technique in Neurophotonics. To see an example of such a video capsule (Prof. Daniel Côté explains a non-linear optics setup in his lab): click HERE .

Secondly, every Tuesday in November, those capsules will be presented. There will be two categories of presentations (one being more ‘technical’, and the second one being more ‘results’-oriented). Presenters and attendees will be invited to join in.

And finally, following the first four short events/presentation blitz (1 per week), the ‘Frontiers in Neurophotonics Highlights’ will culminate in a ‘round table’ event on November 30 (debate on some of the subjects presented during the first 4 weeks; with a Q&A session). An expert panel composed of experts in the field will be invited to the table, but everyone (PIs, grad students, post-docs, and research professionals/coordinators) will be invited to actively participate as well. For more details and to register (free but mandatory) please click HERE.