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New improved method to measure oxygen levels in the retina developed in the Côté laboratory.

Retinal oxymetry (measurement of the oxygenation in the retina) is a non-invasive method of investigating eye health and vasculature.  Recently, retinal oximetry has even shown the possibility of non-invasively monitoring some neurodegenerative diseases. A team of researchers at the CERVO Brain Research Centre has developed a convolutional neural network algorithm for multi-wavelength oximetry, showing a greatly improved calculation performance in comparison to previously reported techniques for retinal oxymetry.  Their results were published in the journal Scientific Reports and is available in open access: DePaoli DT, Tossou P, Parent M, Sauvageau D, Côté DC. Convolutional Neural Networks for Spectroscopic Analysis in Retinal Oximetry. Scientific Reports. 2019;9(1):11387