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New insight into the development of Multiple Sclerosis


Read a recent article in Le Fil on the work of Majid Ghareghani, who recently joined Armen Saghatelyan’s team as a PhD student at the CERVO brain research center



Majid Ghareghani is first author of an article recently published in Frontiers in Immunology which proposes a new hypothesis to explain the cascade of events leading to multiple sclerosis. 





Read the article in Le Fil: Une nouvelle piste pour la sclérose en plaques





Read the original research article:





Front. Immunol., 30 October 2018 |

Latitude, Vitamin D, Melatonin, and Gut Microbiota Act in Concert to Initiate Multiple Sclerosis: A New Mechanistic Pathway

Majid Ghareghani, Russel J. Reiter, Kazem Zibara & Naser Farhadi