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Prix du Québec: Charles Morin and Caroline Ménard honored

Congratulations to Mr. Charles Morin, winner of the Léon-Gérin Prize – Humanities and Social Sciences – and to Caroline Ménard, finalist for the Emerging Scientist Award.

“The Prix du Québec highlight the discoveries, achievements and innovative spirit of our greatest researchers. I am very impressed by the careers of these exceptional people, who help shape the Québec of today through their rigour, commitment and know-how. I would like to thank the recipients of the Québec Science Awards for their contribution to science and the advancement of Québec society.”  said Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of the Economy and Innovation

Léon-Gérin Prize: Charles Morin

World leader in sleep disorder research, Charles Morin has revolutionized the treatment of insomnia. He has shown that cognitive-behavioral therapy is more effective in the long term than medication, and has studied the effects of lack of rest on health and society. He was responsible for the Centre d’étude des troubles du sommeil at Université Laval. A prolific author, coveted lecturer and generous mentor, Professor Morin has received prestigious awards, including the Léon-Gérin Prize.

Finalist for the Prix Relève Scientifique: Caroline Ménard

Holder of the Sentinel North Research Chair, Caroline Ménard leads a team interested in the biology of stress and depression as well as the biology of resilience. She and her team study mental health from a global vision of biological changes. Dr. Ménard is trying to offer a model of a current, multidisciplinary researcher to the next generation, while at the same time being a source of inspiration for clinicians in the field through her discoveries.