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Yves De Koninck wins the Wilder Penfield award

Congratulations to Yves De Koninck, Director of the CERVO Research Centre, winner of the Wilder Penfield Award, one of the Prix du Québec.

Prix du Québec prizes are the highest distinction awarded by the Government of Québec in culture and science. They recognize the exceptional achievements of individuals who contribute to the development of their field of activity, push back the limits of knowledge and make Quebec shine on a national and international scale.


Yves De Koninck has identified a mechanism responsible for chronic pain, opening the door to the development of drugs to better manage it. This neurobiologist and transdisciplinarity enthusiast has held a number of management positions, notably at the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale and the CERVO research center. A Canada Research Chair holder, the prolific Laval University professor helped found the Neurophysics Research Training Program, the Centre de neurophotonique and the North Sentinel initiative. Something to tickle the neurons!


See the full award announcement on the Prix du Québec website: