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Research Centres


CERVO Brain Research Centre

Director: Yves De Koninck

The CERVO Research Center, one of Canada’s leading neuroscience and mental health centers, focuses on the root causes of brain diseases. It brings together some sixty researchers in charge of research teams with more than 400 people, offering multidisciplinary expertise, ranging from membrane biophysics to social intervention, and the psychology of cognition.


The CERVO Research Center is devoted exclusively to the study of neurosciences and mental health. Its mission is to advance knowledge about the causes and treatment of neurological and psychiatric illnesses by developing new technologies and methodologies to unravel the mysteries of the brain and by continuously linking basic and clinical research.

Learn more on the CERVO Brain Research Centre website



CHU de Québec-Université Laval Research Center

Director of the Research Centre: Serge Rivest

Director of the Neuroscience group: Steve Lacroix

The neuroscience group is organized into multidisciplinary teams that study the biological mechanisms underpinning the normal and pathological functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system and the muscular system. Researchers in this field seek to advance our understanding of physiopathology and develop new treatments for deficiencies and disabilities caused by lesions or neurological, psychiatric, and neuromuscular diseases. Research themes concern neurodegenerative, neuromuscular, and neurogenetic diseases, cerebral and spinal lesions and trauma, the regeneration and reorganization of the nervous system, mental health, ophthalmology, the development of biotherapy and standardized clinical evaluation methods, and neuromodulation treatments. Researchers are very active in Université Laval’s Regroupement Neurosciences et Santé mentale (Neurosciences and Mental Health Group).

Learn more on the Neuroscience at the CHU de Québec website



Director: Catherine Mercier

The mission of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation and Social Integration – CIRRIS is to contribute to the development and transfer of new knowledge in the field of rehabilitation and support for social integration of persons living with physical limitations. The main goal of its research activities focus on the personal factors (disabilities and limitations) and environmental factors (obstacles and facilitating factors) that influence the social participation of people with physical disabilities. Through the transfer of its researchers’ knowledge and expertise and its proximity to clinical activities, the CIRRIS participates in the development of evidence-based practices.

Learn more on the CIRRIS website



Director of the research Centre: Yohan Bossé

The Quebec Heart and Lung Institute Research Centre is the only centre funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) that regroups three research components (cardiology, respirology and obesity-metabolism) deemed to be a priority because of the considerable economic and social impact of their related diseases.

Learn more on the IUCPQ-UL Research Centre website



Director: Lucie Germain

The vision

Increase and perpetuate regenerative medicine research with a high translational value through the excellence of the constituent teams and a multidisciplinary research that fully respects scientific ethics.

Our mission

1. Ensure optimal and versatile training in our research environment for all our students and intern scientists.
2. Foster international development and intellectual productivity for all our teams.
3. Maximize synergy between various expertises: engineers, physicists, biochemists, biologists, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, clinicians, etc.
4. Maintain the tissue engineering platform and white room infrastructure allowing for a translational research oriented toward efficacious clinical therapies.
5. Remedy, as far as possible, the shortage of organs for transplantation.